It has been too long since my last post here. I was just too busy with my work. Deadlines here. Deadlines there. After another deadline, there’s another deadline and then another and another. When will the deadline stop? It will not because it is the nature of my work. Good thing the next deadline for my next work is several days away. Phew! At least, I can spend some time for other things including my blog. I don’t think I am in the mood to talk about art because just earlier, I had to work my butt off furiously. Again there was a deadline and I barely managed it. Thank the heavens for coffee!  

How I Met My AC Company

I was questioning a friend a few days ago about the situation of her AC. I really felt no cold air coming from it. Good thing, the temperature these days isn’t as fiery as the hot summer days, but what would have happened if it was indeed summer? Well, we would be soaking wet while we were discussing things or maybe this is just an exaggeration of my mind. For me, a properly working AC is an important thing, not just in summer but the whole year round or maybe except for winter. Thus, it is a great idea if you have a company you can trust when it comes to maintenance or AC repair Aventura. In my case, I do have such company I trust and the story how we met is like any other good client-business story. I called them to do my AC. They came, they saw and they...

Gold As Investments

Ever since in my elementary years, I know what an investment is. At a young age, I understand that an investment is something where you put your money in. It is something that valuable to you or to any other person. An investment can be the money you put in your business, your house or your car. As I grew older, I realized that investments are not limited to such things. Some people invest in paintings and other expensive artworks; some invest in real estate such as land, buildings or even an island. And there are many other forms of investment. But recently, I heard of a different form of investment. Investing in gold. Not just gold jewelries but gold nuggets, bars and coins. Now, this is something really new for me. I know about investing in gold jewelries and...

What’s Art For Me

Michael here and let’s talk about art guys. What can be considered as art for you? Obviously, most of you guys would answer paintings, statues and art works you see in museums. Not that I complain about them. I mean they are works of ART! Mona Lisa’s smile is really intriguing and captivating. Raphael’s Madonna and Child is wondrous and the Sistine Chapel painting is enigmatic. I believe art can be anything. It can be a simple drawing by an unknown artist. It can the graffiti made by street artist. It can be the strange things Mother Nature concocts. Art can also come from anything not just from marble, paints and canvass. It can come from trash or from things that you don’t expect. Music, film and shows are even considered art in this modern times. I am fond of...

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